Wedding giveaways – boxes

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The Pilot Project made these boxes, purely using cane, for a wedding in August 2014. These were used as giveaways and filled with chocolates and a USB containing all the music that featured during the Mehndi function.

Wedding giveaways - boxes made of cane

Wedding giveaways – boxes made of cane

The boxes were loved by all the guests, and appreciated for their uniqueness. Made by hand, each box differs from the others slightly.

The production time for the boxes is relatively long, so order in advance if you’d like to give these away at your wedding!


Cane Workshop


We run a cane workshop in Korangi, Karachi. This workshop produces furniture made by disabled/underprivileged persons.


The workshop not only provides skills in cane products, but also aims to provide training on education, communication and language skills necessary to integrate into society.

Stay tuned for more photos of furniture/products you can order!

School Meals Programme




Hassan Trust runs a school meals programme within Korangi for underprivileged schools. The project’s satellite kitchen produces healthy meals designed by a nutritionist under the strictest food safety standards. These meals go out to underprivileged schools in the vicinity. This project aims to impact educational attainment and nutrition within students.